Sleep or Shut Down?

Should I let my computer sleep or should I shut down?  This is a question that many computer users (Windows and Macintosh) ask.  The answer is that it all depends on your daily activity.  If you frequently use your computer throughout the day, there is no reason for you to shut down.  Shutting down and … Continue reading Sleep or Shut Down?


Episode 6: Line Breaks & Horizontal Rules

Line Breaks and Horizontal Rule Lines are commonly used in web design.  A line break defers the text to the next line.  For an example, when you use the paragraph code, the text will continue across the screen and then when it reaches the end, it will go to the next line.  If you want … Continue reading Episode 6: Line Breaks & Horizontal Rules

Episode 4: Superscript & Subscript

Using the Superscript and Subscript in your HTML code is essential to ensure your wording on your site is displayed correctly.  For example, if you were drafting a statement about the 4th of July, the "th" should in the upper right corner of the 4.  "The 4th of July" is the correct display of this … Continue reading Episode 4: Superscript & Subscript

Episode 3: Bold & Italic

When coding in HTML and designing your site, you may want to place specific words in Bold or Italic to make them standout or give them a certain meaning.  Placing a word in Bold does not give it a different meaning, but presents the word visually in a different way.  Placing a word in Italic could represent the word in … Continue reading Episode 3: Bold & Italic