Sleep or Shut Down?

Should I let my computer sleep or should I shut down?  This is a question that many computer users (Windows and Macintosh) ask.  The answer is that it all depends on your daily activity.  If you frequently use your computer throughout the day, there is no reason for you to shut down.  Shutting down and powering up throughout the day will eventually ware down the computer.  If you use your computer throughout the day, but won’t resume use until next morning, it’s good to shut down and give it a rest.  If you think about it, computers are just like humans, we all at the end of the day need to shut down.  If you decide to never shutdown, but leave your computer in sleep mode, it will use minimal power, but any open data (unsaved documents) will be stored in the RAM.  RAM or Random Access Memory is volatile memory, so if your computer is a sleep and you lose power, any unsaved work will be lost.  So, the question still exists, sleep or shutdown?  The answer is there is no definitive answer.  It all depends on the user.  Checkout the below video for more information!

-Stay Techie!


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