Project Management

I am currently taking a class at Kaplan University called IT301:  Project Management I.  The whole class is based on being a project manager and the steps that needs to be completed for the project.  From what I have read, being a project manager is no simple task and requires problem solving, communication, resources, research, … Continue reading Project Management


Where Should You Browse?

Today, you as a computer user have multiple options of choosing which internet browser to use.  Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Edge and Mozilla are all decent browsers, with a little variety. From my view, Google Chrome is the best browser.  Not only is it fast, but you can link it to your Google account and … Continue reading Where Should You Browse?

Give Your Mac A Good Scrubbing

When you purchase a Mac, you are making the right decision.  Are there other computers that you could buy that do the same as a Mac, but for half the price? Sure there are, but a wise woman once told me, "You get what you pay for".  Spending a little extra money could mean 5-10 … Continue reading Give Your Mac A Good Scrubbing

Email Management

Today, email is a major form of communication and advertising.  When you purchase an item, how often does the cashier ask for your email address or if you want to receive coupons or your receipt in your email.  When you sign up for a site, it always asks for an email address and then you … Continue reading Email Management