Email Management

Today, email is a major form of communication and advertising.  When you purchase an item, how often does the cashier ask for your email address or if you want to receive coupons or your receipt in your email.  When you sign up for a site, it always asks for an email address and then you constantly receive updates and newsletters.  Last, you probably even find random emails for things that you didn’t even signup for, but somehow got yours.

My point is with all of these emails and your typical emails that you actually send and receive from people you know can clog up your inbox.  So the question is, how do you manage?

First, unsubscribe from the junk that you don’t want to see.  When you receive an email from a company or organization that you no long want to receive, unsubscribe to terminate the notification.  Almost all websites have a unsubscribe on their site.  Some are easy and others make you provide comments.  Nonetheless, if you want to terminate, go through their process.

Second, check your email daily.  Take a few minutes out of your day to review your email and sort out the junk and the emails that you actually care about.  If you get into this routine, you will notice your inbox will be manageable and won’t miss the emails about upcoming bills.  In addition, have an email app installed on your phone that displays notifications.  There, you have a quick view when they arrive and delete immediately if you know it’s not important.

Third and last, its imperative to be organized and it would be smart not to delete any emails unless you are 100% sure it’s not worthy.  Almost all email users at one point or another will need to recall an email from a month or father in the past and most likely it was deleted.  Within your email either in the application or on the web, you can create folders to store your emails.  Create these folders to stay organized and prevent from losing something important.  Not to get crazy, you can create one folder for the year and sub folders for the months and repeat until the new year.  This is a quick and easy solution.

Email is everything today.  This is how businesses, companies, military and many more communicate.  The goal is not to get caught up in hundreds of emails and miss that one that will cause trouble.  Check daily, unsubscribe and be organized!!



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