Where Should You Browse?

Today, you as a computer user have multiple options of choosing which internet browser to use.  Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Edge and Mozilla are all decent browsers, with a little variety.

From my view, Google Chrome is the best browser.  Not only is it fast, but you can link it to your Google account and when using Chrome on your iPhone, the favorites carry over.

Safari is another decent browser that Apple will push for all Mac users to use.  In Safari, not only do you have a favorites bar, but you can pin specific sites to the bar below that will be permanent unless your remove. There is a feature that you can have Safari emulate another browser (Internet Explorer) if there is a specific site that will not work with Safari, but you don’t have the capability to download IE (or Edge).  Last, if you utilize Safari and have icloud, your favorites will carry over to your iPhone.

Opera is the underdog browser that has some neat features, but you usually don’t hear about the company. Opera is fast, safe, blocks adds and is a power saver.  In addition, Opera offers a feature of private browsing that does not keep a history of your visited sites.  Last, just recently, Opera released a new kind of browser called Opera Neon.  You can check it out in the links below.

Edge (IE if you still have it) is decent, but only for windows users.  This browser has a different look and feel, but from what I’ve seen, it is decent with Windows 10.  Just like the other browsers, if you have a Windows Phone, your data and favorites should carry over.

Mozilla Firefox is no different from any of the other browsers.  Fast, bookmarking and you can sync to your phone.  Last they now offer private browsing like Opera where your history, cookies or search data will not be saved.  This is a good alternative if you’re not a fan of Google Chrome.

There you go, that is my take on these 5 browsers.  Take a look at their links below for more information.


Google Chrome
Opera Neon
Mozilla Firefox


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