Coding on a Mac

Coding is a programmers domain and where their creativity comes to life.  Websites are made and applications are developed.  Today, there are multiple applications that programmers can utilize for coding. Adobe's Dreamweaver CC 2017 is a prime application that users can download.  This application is designed for users who are experienced with coding and have … Continue reading Coding on a Mac


Episode 7: Strong and Emphasis

The HTML elements "Strong" and "Emphasis" are used when coding, but are for the developers benefit. The element "Strong" is used to indicate importance of the words that are being displayed.  For example, in the below video, we used the "Strong" element with the word Caution.  The programmer wanted to indicate in the code that … Continue reading Episode 7: Strong and Emphasis

Working with WordPress

Do you have an idea or a talent that you want to share on a website or a blog?  Don't know anything about web design, no problem at all. is a prime site where you can select a theme of your choice, edit content, add widgets and much more.  If you're a beginner and … Continue reading Working with WordPress

Password Protection

Password Protection is a major issue and no, its not as simple as going to the drug store. Cyber Security is one of today's major topics and the fact is that peoples accounts are being hacked and identities stolen.  If you were to ask a person what their username and password is for their Facebook … Continue reading Password Protection

Get Mad, Get Over It

Get Mad, Get Over It.  This is a term that we all should live by and adhere to.  From a personal perspective, there has been plenty of times that something happened and I would get mad, but hold the grudge for an extreme amount of time.  It took a long time, but this was absolutely … Continue reading Get Mad, Get Over It

Social Media Addiction

If you are on Social Media (Facebook or Twitter), how often do you check your feed?  Is it the first thing that you do in the morning when you wake up and last thing before going to bed?  What about at work or if your completing work at home, how often do you tend to … Continue reading Social Media Addiction

Damn You Procrastination

Not going to lie, I believe that I'm a victim of procrastination.  Yes, I do leave many things to the last-minute and then stress out when they are do only within hours.  I continue to wonder why when I'm given the weeks homework assignment on Wednesday, but don't start until Sunday night?  Then depending on … Continue reading Damn You Procrastination