Human-Computer Interaction

Do you realize how much the average person interacts with a computer on a daily basis?  The answer is that everyday, we all build up a few hours on the computer.  This could be good depending on what you’re doing or bad if your just wasting time.  How often when you wake up in the morning that the first thing you do is check your Facebook and Twitter feed?  If you asked this question to a group of 10 people, most likely over half would say that they do.

The whole point is that technology is increasing which has a lot of benefits, but could also cause many problems.  Everyday, we interact with computers from our phones, tablets, extracting money from the ATM and much more.  All are positive items and can be used for good, but there are individuals who want to use it to their advantage and steal.  Currently, identify theft is a major issue on the web.  Unless you are positive that the site you are on is secure and legit, do not enter any personal information.  In addition, we have to protect our family members from negative content that individuals post online.  Ensure proper security and safety settings are enabled.

Technology is on the rise and there is no way to stop it.


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