Karma is a B**ch, Seriously it is

I’m sure you have heard the saying “Karma is a Bitch”.  Not only is this statement true, I have lived it and experienced the consequences.  Let me tell you a short story.  About a year ago, I forgot what I did, but left the house for work a little flustered then I should have been.  My wife (who I love very much) told me that karma was going to get me.  Well, I was driving out of our townhouse complex and noticed that my car kept veering to the right.  I pulled into the church across the street, got out and noticed that I had a flat tire.  Karma had struck.  I changed the tire with no problem, but arrived to work a little late and could only hope the rest of the day would get better.  Later I called my wife informing that karma got me and got me good.  Now, she was not hoping that I would get a flat tire, but in the end, we all had a good laugh.

The point of this story is that we have to be accountable for our actions.  There have been and probably many times that my kids have grabbed small items that I did not see until we have left the store.  Now I have two choices 1) I could return the item to the store or 2) continue on my way because its only a couple of bucks.  The correct choice is number 1 because it’s the right thing to do.

Here is another example.  Today, while waiting for my wife to come home, I noticed that our trash cans and our neighbors were still on the curb.  I could have simply taken my own and called it a day, but insisted on placing my neighbors trash cans by their garage.  Not only was this the right thing to do, but in this instance, there is good karma and something positive will come out of this.

The whole point of this is if you think nobody is watching you, your wrong.  Today our world is full of hate, nonsense and people doing the wrong things.  If we can show and demonstrate what is right and how to help other people in need, then we have done our job.  The least I can do, is be a positive role model for my children and show them the right path.



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