Family Day at the DC Zoo

In February, a sunny day that reaches over 60 degrees does not happen often.  Our planet is going through global warming, but at this point, nobody is complaining.  The windows were opened and the jackets came off.  So what do you do on such beautiful day? Washington, DC Zoo it was!

If you have kids (I have 3), you have experienced that it’s a zoo itself just trying to get out of the house.  With preparing the kids, bringing snacks and ensuring we did not forget anything, prep time is usually between 15-30min.  While leaving the house just around 8am, we made it to the zoo.  FYI, the zoo is free, but parking is $22.  We walked through the zoo seeing tigers, reptiles, gorillas, pandas and much more.

The most interesting part of our day was seeing the kids reactions to all the animals.  They were fascinated and yelled at us for each animal that they saw.  The one interesting animal that the DC zoo has is the Panda.  In a few day’s, one of the Panda’s will be sent to China.  The line was incredibly long and slow-moving, but we got a chance to see the Panda’s which was amazing itself.

We left around 1pm and everyone was exhausted.  The kids fell asleep in the car and were awaken to an ice cream treat at home to end our adventure.  I can truly say that there is nothing better being with my family and seeing the kids excited about the animals.  Not only is it educational, but gives them a different perspective of what’s out there.  We will be going many more times this year once the weather gets warmer.

On a side note, they had the worlds largest snake in the reptile house.  Can you imagine if you found this in your house?


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