Study Methods Defined

Its 24 hours before the big test.  I’m either feeling confident in my studying and the general knowledge or I’m sweating bullets and hoping that I guess the correct answers.  As I found out, not all correct answers are option C.  Many years I have struggled with studying and changing my methods which caused me to back track my information.  Changing methods during studying can waste a lot of time and could cause you the grade that you’re hoping for.  Through all of my study methods of flashcards, notes and electronic flashcards and notes, this is my conclusion.  It all depends on you as the person studying of what makes sense and retain the most information.  Physical flashcards and notes are handy because your physically reading, writing and flipping the cards.  Electronic flashcards and notes are beneficial because of reduced costs, portable and the presentation is a lot neater.  Here are some sites that you might be interested in:
StudyBlue is one of the top flashcards / notes sites on the web.  Not only can you organize and produce countless flashcards, but also upload notes from your computer.  You can place your flashcards and notes as public or private, but to view other people’s notes, you will have to pay for a membership.  The site is free and you can use it for your personal use, but to view other peoples content, it will cost you money.  The one major benefit of StudyBlue is that when you study your notes, it will record your percentage which will help you view what you need to study more of.  Last, as I said before, you can upload notes from your computer. So, you can use the site as your “Study Hard Drive” and be able to access your notes from multiple locations.
Quizlet is another flashcards site which is free and you can upgrade for a few extra features (adding photos to flashcards).  Quizlet has a more simple layout then StudyBlue and its easier to add folders.  Within Quizlet you can only create flashcards, but not upload notes from your computer.  The site offers multiple studying options and records what you have studied, but now the percentage for each set.  Don’t be fooled, Quizlet is a great site and can increase your score as you can share and view other people’s cards with no problem. In addition, you can create classes and add people to create a study group.  If you’re looking for a simple and easy to navigate site, choose Quizlet.

Microsoft Onenote
Microsoft Onenote is the most popular note taking site / application on the web.  The site and application offers many ways to create notes and being able to access them on multiple devices.  Within the desktop application, you can create multiple tabs that look exactly like dividers and create subsections under the tabs to organize your notes.  To access Microsoft Onenote, you will need to have a Microsoft Account and access to OneDrive for space.  If you are a note taker, this site is for you.  The only downfall that I experienced with Microsoft Onenote is that printing notes is a challenge and does not look professional on paper.  This will need to be improved in future updates.

Evernote is another note taking site / application that I will attempt to use and stick with. Evernote is free to use and you are able to create an account at no cost.  Users can upgrade for extra features and being able to access on more devices (free is limited to 2), but I don’t see the need to purchase a membership.  Evernote has a sleek and simple design, which will fit your notes needs.  You can create tables, lists, reminders and even chat with other members within Evernote.  Just as you can add classmates within StudyBlue and Quizlet, in Evernote you can have meetings and study chats within the application.  This is a key feature which might drive customers to this site vice Microsoft Onenote.  None the less, it’s all up to the users preferences.

In the end, it’s up to the user to choose their method and what makes them retain information best.  What works for one person might not work for another.  Good luck in your future studies!



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