Get Mad, Get Over It

Get Mad, Get Over It.  This is a term that we all should live by and adhere to.  From a personal perspective, there has been plenty of times that something happened and I would get mad, but hold the grudge for an extreme amount of time.  It took a long time, but this was absolutely ridiculous.  Another way that you could look at it is that there is always something worse that could happen.

Today was one of the nicest days.  It was 70 degrees in February, which rarely ever happens.  My wife decided to walk the kids and take our son to school, vice me driving and dropping him off, but she accidentally forgot her keys, which resulted in me leaving after and locking the door.  Now I work in Washington, DC (about an hours drive) and was only 10min from work when she called me informing that she was locked out.  Old Chris would have gotten mad and possibly shown a little attitude.  The result was I turned around with no problem and was convinced that it was an accident.  There are a lot worse things that could have happened then locking yourself out of the house.  I gladly, returned home and unlocked the door.

Last, its okay to get mad, but staying angry wont solve any problems.  Something happens that frustrates you?  Okay, take a minute, then solve the problem.  Staying angry will only make it worse.  Trust me, I would know.

Get Mad, Get Over It


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