Coding on a Mac

Coding is a programmers domain and where their creativity comes to life.  Websites are made and applications are developed.  Today, there are multiple applications that programmers can utilize for coding.

Adobe’s Dreamweaver CC 2017 is a prime application that users can download.  This application is designed for users who are experienced with coding and have developed websites and applications before.  In addition, the application offers a “live view”, where you can see instantly what your site will look like.  You can download a trial version for 7 days, but after that, it will cost you $20 / per month.

If you don’t want to spend any money, here are two applications that I would consider to download.

First is an application called TextWrangler that can be downloaded from the App Store. TextWrangler has a clean look and high set of features for text and code editing.  The programmer can easily code, save and view the end result in any browser.  In addition, when coding in HTML, the code is color coded for better visibility.

Second is an application called Brackets.  Brackets is an open source program that is free to download and utilize.  Within Brackets, when typing the first element, Brackets will automatically include the closing bracket.  This will assist the programmer with completing the code faster.  In addition, the program offers a “live view” feature.  When the programer has saved their document initially and then opened it a local browser, every time the programmer makes a changed in the code and saves, they will see the change in the browser.  For this program, it is beneficial to have Brackets and the browser open at the same time.

These are three great applications for programmers to code on a Mac.  Not only are they advanced programs, but are able to meet all needs.  If you have any other programs, please add in the comments.




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