The New Samsung Galaxy S8 Has Arrived!

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 has arrived and you guessed right!!  The home button has been retired and the entire face of the phone is now a touchscreen.  I think we all knew this was going to happen and most likely when the new iPhone is released (probably at the WWDC), the home button should … Continue reading The New Samsung Galaxy S8 Has Arrived!


Online Storage vs. Physical Storage

Today, computer users have a few options regarding storage and backing up their data.  Both online and physical are beneficial, but which one gives you the better advantage?  Lets take a look! Online storage is great because you can access your photos, files, videos and much more from any computer.  Not only could you access […]

Episode 10: Citations and Definitions

Hi there and welcome to Episode 10:  Citations and Definitions in my HTML series.  The citation and definition codes are both behind the scenes and mostly for the developers view as both codes look italic to any other customer.  The citation code is essential if the programer is referencing a piece of work such as … Continue reading Episode 10: Citations and Definitions

iPhone Red & New iPad! Good or Bad?

Recently, Apple inc. has released a new version of there iPhone and iPad.  The iPhone now comes in an option Red and will join Jet Black, Black, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold. For the iPhone SE, users can still obtain the color Space Gray. The Red iPhone was produced to support HIV & Aids programs. … Continue reading iPhone Red & New iPad! Good or Bad?

How to Deactivate “Hey Siri”

Siri is a helpful tool that assists millions of people a day with sending text messages, answering questions, finding directions, setting reminders and much more.  There is even a feature on the iPhone that if your phone is on the table and you say “Hey Siri”, that the phone will be activated and Siri will […]

Accessibility in Interface Design

My assignment this week in my class called IT302:  Human-Computer Interaction, we had to produce a podcast regarding Human Auditory Perceptions.  The whole point of the assignment was to review and discuss how interface design was altered to meet the needs of individuals that had a disability.  Today, computers, phones, tablets, ereaders and much more … Continue reading Accessibility in Interface Design

Mac’s Grab Tool

After digging into the Utilities folder within Applications, Apple users will find a simple utility called "Grab".  In a previous blog post, I described and displayed how to take a screenshot on a Mac.  The Grab tool can do the same thing, the only difference is the user can choose the portion of the screen … Continue reading Mac’s Grab Tool