Using Images from Google is one of the most visited sites on the internet today  How often has someone asked you a question and your response was “I don’t know, Google it”.  This is a company that has earned its self the #1 search engine on the web.  As a tech blogger, I find myself “Googling” a lot of information for my blogs.  You might even wonder where I get my images from and is it legal to display them on the site.  Well, not to worry, all those questions will be answered and yes it’s legal.

When you go to and search for a subject, not only does it display results, but you can also find images on the subject.  All images are able to be accessed and used, but if you want to use the image commercially or edit to your liking, you must change the settings.  Here is how to complete this action.

  1. Settings
  2. Advanced Search
  3. Go to Usage Rights
  4. Change to Free to use or share or modify, even commercially

Selecting this option will only display the images in the above criteria.  Now, when the results appear, most likely it will take away the more popular images, but to prevent yourself from having trouble down the road, only use images that are authorized.  If you decide not to change the usage rights, but utilize another photo, no alterations can be made, but proper citing and giving the author credit should be published.



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