How to run OS’s on your Mac for FREE!

Apple inc. is one of the best computer companies, but not every program today is compatible with Macintosh.  For example, while attending Kaplan University, in previous class’s I have had to work with Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Visio, both not compatible with MacOS Sierra.  So, how was I able to complete my work  and access these programs?  The answer is through

Virtalbox is a free program that’s able to be downloaded on MacOS Sierra, Microsoft Windows and Linux.  Virtualbox gives users the ability to run other operating systems in a different window on their current system.  Now granted, since this is a free program and not a paid program like Parallels or VMware Fusion, errors may occur, but you can’t beat the price of free.

From my personal experience, Virtualbox has met all of my needs regarding school.  Besides the software that was provided by the school, I was successful in installing Windows’s 10 Education Edition on Virtualbox.  Prior to installing your operating system, the user can choose settings on how much Harddrive space and memory to utilize for the OS.  It’s hard to explain, but if you choose 10GB worth of space, it actually does not take 10GB from your actual harddrive.  You will see some space taken away, but not as much as you think.  In addition, after your OS has been fully installed, you can install “Guest Additions”.  These “Guest Additions” will allow your current computer settings to coordinate with Virtualbox.  The most significant improvement will be the mouse.  When you initially install, you will see the cursor does not carry over into Virtualbox.  Once the “Guest Additions” are fully installed, this will correct the issue.

If you are looking to run another OS on your current computer, I highly suggest Virtualbox to save yourself money.  Why pay for another program when this free program does exactly the same?  If you have Virtualbox or have had previous experience, please share.




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