Need Memory and Hard Drives? Go Here!

When you purchase a computer, it’s always great at first, but then after a while when you have downloaded applications, created files and videos, space starts to fill up and you might notice a little lag in performance.  This is the time that you would need to upgrade memory and the hard drive to maximize performance and increase productivity.  In addition, tech people always need more space and faster computers because it’s just who we are.

If you are looking to upgrade, I highly suggest  This site is easy to navigate and is customizable to your computer.  When you visit the site, you have two options to choose from.  First, you can select manufacturer, product line and model of your computer to find all products that will work with your system.  The second option is that you can download a scanner from Crucial that will scan your system and display memory and solid state drives that are compatible.  It is imperative that you throughly scan your system and purchase what will work and prevent damage to your system.  The last thing you want is to install hardware that is not compatible and cause damage.  Then you will need a full system upgrade (aka new computer).

So, take a look and always remember to #StayTechie


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