Think Different

Have you ever been told that your ideas or thoughts about a certain topic were stupid, unethical, wont work, waste of time etc.?  After you were told this, how often did you move on to something else and did not pursue your idea any further?  One of my favorite quotes is “Think Different” which was one of Apple’s original campaign’s.  If you have read up on Steve Jobs, you would know and could tell that he thought different then everyone else.  He thought over and beyond which resulted in the iPhone, iMac, iPad, iPod, AppleTV and much more.  Who would have thought of creating a phone, that could be incorporated with a web browser and iPod.  I’m sure when this idea was presented to the Apple team, a lot of people may have thought that he was crazy, but this crazy idea was one of the greatest inventions in the world.

At my current employment, I often find that I “Think Different” then my coworkers.  No, I am not crazy, but I do encourage them to listen to me and that there is a method to my madness.  Often when completing tasks, I might take a few extra steps, which other’s may see as unnecessary, but I see as going the extra mile and being more thorough, which will prevent problems down the road.  Last, as a future leader, I cannot be afraid to go out of my comfort zone and present my ideas.  If I don’t do this now, it wont happen at all.

In my opinion, a true leader needs to take a step to the side and view ideas and situations from a different point of view that others are not seeing.  If we all think the same, the world would never progress.  Today, we are talking about self driving cars!  Someone had this crazy idea that a car could drive, recognize traffic and being able to get the passenger from point A to point B in a safely manner.  This is what I call “Think Different”.


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