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In previous blog posts, I have identified alternative solutions that would save you money. For example, I talked about using Virtualbox (free program) to run Microsoft Windows on your Mac, vice purchasing Parallels or VMware Fusion, two programs that are the same as Virtualbox, but will cost you money.  Here, I have another solution that deals with productivity software.

We all need programs on our computer and without them, the computer is pointless.  The most common software that is on every computer is Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Access. Today when you purchase a computer, its pre installed in most cases.  But, what if you have a computer that doesn’t have it and would require you to purchase to utilize?  There is an free alternative to this problem (sorry, not available for Mac).

OpenOffice is a productivity suite that offers free programs that are alternatives to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Visio.

  • Writer (replacement for Microsoft Word)
  • Calc (replacement for Microsoft Excel)
  • Impress (replacement for Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • Base (replacement for Microsoft Access)
  • Draw (Similar to Microsoft Visio or CorelDraw)

These free programs are able to read and write files from Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.  If your looking for a free alternative and don’t want to spend the money, take a look and give these programs a trial.



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