Mac’s Grab Tool

After digging into the Utilities folder within Applications, Apple users will find a simple utility called “Grab”.  In a previous blog post, I described and displayed how to take a screenshot on a Mac.  The Grab tool can do the same thing, the only difference is the user can choose the portion of the screen to capture, vice the entire screen.  When users go to Applications – Utilities, they will see the Grab utility.  Once clicked, the utility will be placed in the dock.  When the user right clicks the icon and selects “Capture Selection”, the user will be able to drag a box around the portion of the screen that they want to capture.  In addition, the Grab tool can capture an entire window (aka, just your browser window), Screen and Timed Screen.

This is a very useful tool and could be more beneficial than using the screenshot (CMD-Shift-3) and then having to crop out the portion that you need. If you have never used this, take a look and view my video below for a demonstration.  #StayTechie


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