Accessibility in Interface Design

My assignment this week in my class called IT302:  Human-Computer Interaction, we had to produce a podcast regarding Human Auditory Perceptions.  The whole point of the assignment was to review and discuss how interface design was altered to meet the needs of individuals that had a disability.  Today, computers, phones, tablets, ereaders and much more all have accesAccessibilitysibility features that can be adjusted to the user needs.  For an example, Apple’s iPhone has accessibility features for vision, interaction, hearing and media.  The user can access these setting and adjust accordingly.  The picture to the left is the accessibility features of the iMac.  The individual can access these settings to adjust display, speech, descriptions, captions and much more.  It is absolutely amazing what people can do with technology today and that great companies like Apple alter their systems to everyone’s needs.  It really shows that even if you have a disability, that you can still put your mind to it and accomplish the impossible.  I encourage you to watch the below video.  Thank you and #StayTechie!


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