Episode 10: Citations and Definitions

Hi there and welcome to Episode 10:  Citations and Definitions in my HTML series.  The citation and definition codes are both behind the scenes and mostly for the developers view as both codes look italic to any other customer.  The citation code is essential if the programer is referencing a piece of work such as a book.  In the below example, I displayed how to cite the book “The Founding Fathers on Leadership”.  Any customer would see the text as italic, but from the programmers view, they will use the “Cite code” to give proper credit.

The “Definitions code” is used to explain terminology in the given text.  Recently at Kaplan University, we learned about Haptic, which is the sense of feel and touch such as an iPhone or iPad.  Again, the text may appear as italic, but from behind the scenes in the source code, the programmer is using the “Definitions code” to define the word Haptic.

Next HTML video will be on Author Details.

Thanks for viewing and always remember to StayTechie!


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