Online Storage vs. Physical Storage

Today, computer users have a few options regarding storage and backing up their data.  Both online and physical are beneficial, but which one gives you the better advantage?  Lets take a look!

Online storage is great because you can access your photos, files, videos and much more from any computer.  Not only could you access from the computer, but retrieve on your mobile device.  A few online storage options are Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and iCloud.  All are great and offer limited storage, but the user will need to pay for additional space.  The only downside regarding online storage is that you’re risking the chance of being hacked and your personal data stolen.  This is exactly why creating a secure password is necessary and changing often.

Physical storage has been around for years and won’t be going away anytime soon. Today, users utilize physical storage the same as online storage, but reduces the chances of their data being hacked and stolen.  I have been told that photographers use both online and physical to make multiple copies of their galleries just encase a customer from long ago requests a photo.  The downside of physical storage is that it’s a device and devices break.  If you do have a physical hard drive, ensure its stored in a safe place and make an extra backup just in case.

Whether you choose online, physical or both, safety is the key factor and always backup your data.



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