The New Samsung Galaxy S8 Has Arrived!

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 has arrived and you guessed right!!  The home button has been retired and the entire face of the phone is now a touchscreen.  I think we all knew this was going to happen and most likely when the new iPhone is released (probably at the WWDC), the home button should no longer exist as well.  The benefit of losing the home button is that users gain about a half an inch of more space which can be used to display more data.

In below YouTube video, it shows many updated features that Samsung offers such as facial recognition for security, focusing on a certain objects in which current information will display about the object, multitasking capabilities and much more.  In addition, the Siri of Apple is called Bixby for Samsung.  You can ask Bixby just about anything and will learn more as you frequently use it.

Last, the Samsung Galaxy S8 takes and displays photos in great quality, connects to multiple devices (TV & virtual reality) and is still water resistant.  There is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will give Apple’s new iPhone some competition, but I do believe if your a solid Apple user, that switching to Samsung is unlikely and vice versa.  Samsung as brought great features to their new device which should do well among consumers.  Now, we wait to see what Apple brings and how the two devices compare and perform.


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