Private Browsing on Google Chrome and Safari

Within the past few months, internet browsers started to incorporate private browsing into their product. Private browsing is where a user can browse the internet without their history being recorded. Below, we show how to browse the internet on Google Chrome and Apple Safari and visit in which the site then is not displayed … Continue reading Private Browsing on Google Chrome and Safari


Looking Up Your Mac’s Information

As owner of a Mac, it’s imperative that you can look up your Mac’s information such as current version of your operating system, storage, memory and much more.  Users like to upgrade their memory and hard drive, but prior to doing the upgrade, you have to know what the computer can handle.  Here are the […]

iWork and iLife Applications are now FREE!

Yesterday it was announced that iWork applications Keynote, Numbers, Pages and iLife applications iMovie and GarageBand are now free for all users.  Before, these applications were free to users who purchased an Apple computer, but now all Apple users can download these applications for free. Keynote, Numbers and Pages are the Windows equivalent of PowerPoint, … Continue reading iWork and iLife Applications are now FREE!

Screen Recording on a Mac is a resource site for all users and it's imperative that we display and show every step.  That is the reason why that every video we produce, you always see our desktop, which makes it easier for the user to follow and learn.  The question you might ask is how do you screen record … Continue reading Screen Recording on a Mac

Night Shift

With the recent update to MacOS Sierra, users are now able to activate "Night Shift" mode on their macs.  Most users are familiar with this feature due to this already being installed and available through the iPhone.  When Night Shift is turned on, it changes the colors on the monitor to make it easier to … Continue reading Night Shift

Episode 1: Ordered Lists

I want welcome you to part 2 of my HTML Series called Lists.  Here in Episode 1, we look at how to code Ordered Lists which is a list of items displayed in number order.  This element is useful to programmers that want to display a list from top to bottom, best to worst, ranking … Continue reading Episode 1: Ordered Lists

How to Code in HTML Reference Sheet

Recently, I finished the first part of my HTML series where I covered text.  To assist my customers and to ensure they don't forget the variety of text codes, I created a reference sheet that can be downloaded.  The "How to Code in HTML Reference Sheet" will be updated periodically when a new section is … Continue reading How to Code in HTML Reference Sheet